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Last Updated May 20/2013
This page has some of the various funny pics that have been at the top of my page over the years (mostly at the old Autobahn web site but some from the new site). Some are screen grabs that I've made into a cartoon, some are cosplay, some are fanart.

Any that I could find I've included for your enjoyment. Some more old ones may appear if I can find the paper version and re-scan it or find it in the Internet Archive so check back occasionally. ^_^

(Fullfilling your 'heroine' addiction since 1997. ^_^)

This screen grab is from Tim Park's AMV 'Right Now' available from me on VHS (I output the MPG I originally downloaded from Tim's original site to tape) or it can be viewed on Youtube.

Sailor Moon's reaction to the Saban Trailer:

(This fanart was sent to me by Karen Elliot.)

Mouse over this picture:

This picture is a pun.  It's completely unrelated to this web site. ^_-

There are some non-anime message boards where I go by the username fansubs_ca. In this thread I got inspired to use this graphic as an avatar and made the statement...

No wonder I'm a fan of subs. :-D

...once my unrelated username was ironically relavant to the thread. ^_^

Never trust a panda with your fansubs! ^_-

I recieved this drawing from Mark Sprauge along with my
master tape when the Sailor Moon S fandub was completed:

(That project took approximately 2 years to complete.^_-)
(Yes, it was worth the wait! ^_^)

Promoting what was at the time a new release for me:

More Shameless self-promotion! ^_^

I tend to take my own interpretations
of the character's reactions! ^_-

(Well, he does look like someone off screen is saying that. ^_-)

Japanese animation tends to deal with topics that American cartoons won't touch...

...such as the sport of Kendo! :-D

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