I no longer mix and match tapes by the episoide! This page is from the old days on my site back when I did offer that. Do not ask me to mix and match episodes, the reasons are addressed on my How to Order page. ^_-

Although this page is no longer directly relavent to my fansub distribution I have restored a linked back to this page because I feel people would find it both amusing and educational. ^_^

Math with Glen-sensei

(Just think of me as Na-chan while you are reading this page. ^_^)

This page is here to clear up a common mathamatical error that people make when trying to figure out what will fit on a tape. Below is a sample order I got from someone who made the math mistake.

Here is what I would like please: 15 eps. mode EP is it?

Simple= 150-166 SuperS eps. in Japanese minus episode 158

What they thought:

They thought 166-150=16 minus the one they left out would make 15

Where they went wrong

As I'll demonstrate below they actually have asked for 16 eps.

#150 is the 1st ep.
#151 is the 2nd ep.
#152 is the 3rd ep.
#153 is the 4th ep.
#154 is the 5th ep.
#155 is the 6th ep.
#156 is the 7th ep.
#157 is the 8th ep.
#159 is the 9th ep. (Remember they said to leave out #158)
#160 is the 10th ep.
#161 is the 11th ep.
#162 is the 12th ep.
#163 is the 13th ep.
#164 is the 14th ep.
#165 is the 15th ep.
#166 obviously won't fit! ^_^

How to clean up your mathamatical act. ^_^

The correct formula to use for calculating a run of episodes is:

(Last in the run - First in the run) + 1

So: 166-150+1=17 Then subtract the 1 for the episode they wanted left out (#158) and you get 16 like when I counted them one at a time above. Hopefully this clears up the misconception on how to calculate. Try it with any run of episodes then count them out and you'll see it matches.

Think of it this way!

Wow!  He's Right!

Would eps 1 & 2 be one episode (after all 2-1=1! ^_-) or two episodes? It just isn't as obvious with larger numbers thus the tendancy of people to make this mistake. No biggy but now you all know so...

You now have No Excuses for this one! ^_-

Scary Stuff! :-o

Any order like this which I get in future will have an episode left out and I will pick which one, it will most likely be the last one that I leave out. I won't be E-mailing people who make this mistake as I have limited free time due to my current job. Sorry I have to impliment this policy but I've got to reduce the things that require my personal attention.

Why the Na-chan pics to represent me?

Because I've always wanted to be a teacher just like Na-chan...

...one that get's to date one of his cute students that is. ^_-

As Shingo said, It's hard being popular. ^_^

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