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Updated: Jan. 5/2022

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If you'ld like to put a link to this site feel free to use one of these link buttons that ChibiBoi has generously donated.

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Anime torrent sites

Since a lot of you have historically came to me for Sailor Moon fansubs and it was the show that originally got me into anime probably two of the most pertinent web sites now are:

Senshi Fansubs (A download site operated by ChibiBoi with captures of VHS tapes he acquired from me.)
Sailor Moon Center

They have a good assortment of torrents and direct downloads for various Sailor Moon episodes both subtitled and dubbed. As far as I know they are currently the best source for Sailor Moon downloads

For those seeking other anime I could recommend:

Baka BT (Previously Box Torrents now under management of the old tech crew.)


Stars Fandub

The local/regional anime scene

I no longer frequently attend any of the local anime clubs but I am putting up these links to help people in finding them. If anyone knows what happened to the broken links and has a new URL or info on the status of the applicable club let me know.

Winnipeg Anime Club which now meets at IrBen Entertainment (1389 Pembina Highway) weekly on Saturdays at 6pm. (Thanks to Comstock for the update.)

Tomodachi Anime Club

University of Manitoba Anime Club. (Does anyone know if they are still around and moved web pages again?)

JAAW (Japanese Anime Association of Winnipeg) which meets at the University of Winnipeg. (Does anyone know if they are still around and moved web pages?)

Once every year or few years I also get to the University of North Dakota Anime Society so if you are a regular at that club drop me a line to see if I'm comming down anytime soon.

Graphics Resources

The new buttons I'm using at the top of the page are from ButtonGenerator.com

ChibiBoi who has resurected the case and label project in 2010 also introduced me to a handy tool for finding out what font was used in an image, whatthefont.com

General Sailor Moon information

Check out WikiMoon the Sailor Moon specific Wiki.


Check out Moon Sticks, alternative views on Sailor Moon written by another Sailor Moon fan.

DVD burning software

If you'ld like a DVD burning program that allows you to control where the layer break happens on dual layer DVDs you'll want ImgBurn.

Equipment and Repairs

Looking for Vintage VCR's (or need one repaired), the best source I've found is Southern Advantage.
Their site still shows them having some Panasonic AG-1980s in stock.


(Some) Panasonic VCR parts are available from Encompass Supply Chain Solutions Inc..
(The original Panasonic Parts site redirects there now.)

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