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We all know there is sometimes some space left at the end of the tape. It's not enough to put an episode on but it could hold a few minutes of something. Here is a list of stuff related to Sailor Moon (or other anime) that I have that I can squeeze in at the end of the tape.

If you have any preferences let me know when you send your order, if you don't specify anything I may or may not decide to put stuff at the end at my discretion. If you say that I can put in any fillers that I want it is possible that I may decide to not put any on so be sure to say what you want if you want anything. (The big problem I have is that I typically don't know what you already have. ^_-)

ONLY ASK FOR STUFF IN THIS SECTION AS END OF TAPE FILLER! DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES ASK FOR THE END OF AN EPISODE OR OTHER PARTICULAR CLIPS FROM EPISODES AS FILLER! Sorry I had to put that here but someone did that twice and it starts making things more complicated. I made an exception the first time but in future I will either leave the clip out or return the order at my discretion.

Please keep in mind that some tapes won't have enough extra room to put any of the odds and ends on. I often can't put specific extras on specific tapes unless your ordering a tape of just extras (someone once did that) so just list which ones you want in the order of priority and I'll fit as many as I can onto your tapes wherever they best fit.

The available tape-ender clips are:

Song Group or Artist Source of Footage Fan-producer Where I got
it from
Hey Little Girl Ice House Sailor Moon Silverwynd Silverwynd
Kiss From A Rose Seal Sailor Moon The Prof. Anna Exter
AKA The Prof.
Song To The Siren Chemical Brothers SM 200 Pt. 1 HMTV HMTV
The Box Orbital SM 200 Pt. 2 HMTV HMTV
I Don't Know Celine Dion SM Neherenia Arc Trish Killani Debra (AWA '97 tape)
I Don't Know
Celine Dion SM Neherenia Arc Negavision Negavision
I've Got The music In Me 400Hz partly SM 400Hz Åke Rosenius
That's The Way It Is Celine Dion SM Stars Negavision Negavision
Does Your Mother Know Abba Sailor Moon
(Small Lady clips)
RendeCo (Kirk Rende) RendeCo (Kirk Rende)
(As a .mpg)
I'm Blue Kirk Rende Sailor Moon
(Sailor Mercury clips)
RendeCo (Kirk Rende) RendeCo (Kirk Rende)
(As a .mpg)
Mina Mina (Get Chained Get Shocked) Kirk Rende Sailor Moon
(Sailor Venus clips)
RendeCo (Kirk Rende) RendeCo (Kirk Rende)
(As a .rm)
Batman (Capeboy) ? Sailor Moon
(Tuxedo Mask)
(Rich Wilson)
(Rich Wilson)
(As a .mpg)
Jerry Springer Weird Al Yankovic Sailor Moon Doki Doki Productions Doki Doki Productions
(As a .mpg)


Just so you know "I Don't Know" is not a new music video, it is the one that was previously mis-labeled "Life Without You". Also the video quality is not very good since it was done from TV tapes several generations from source and went through several generations of copying between the producer making it and me getting it. It's still enjoyable to watch though.

The new higher quality re-mastered version by Negavision is now available but I'm keeping both versions up here for those who are curious to see the old version. ^_^

The video for "I've Got The Music In Me" is not fan made but a professionally made music video that incorporated some Sailor Moon clips. This was recorded off a French channel similar to MTV called "MCM" which ran a "manga special" segment for a while, and someone in Sweden picked it up on satellite. Eventually it made it's way to Åke then to me. Åke's tape is in PAL and that's what he sent me a copy in as he doesn't have multistandard capability like me.

I should also note that I've compiled these SM music Videos onto one SVHS tape. (keep in mind only "Hey Little Girl" was in SVHS on my source tape, I mainly used SVHS to minimize the generational loss). This was done using my Sony deck for record and the AG-1980 as my play deck so there should be no noticable quality diference due to the reduced loss of SVHS and the Time Base Correction of the AG-1980. The one exception is "I've Got The Music In Me" where the Aiwa was the play deck and the Sony was the record deck since the Aiwa is the only machine I have that will play a PAL format tape. ^_^ These were combined onto one tape so when I'm going to add in fillers I don't have to look for them on the various source tapes they are on which will save me time.

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