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Q: What does FAQ stand for?

Funky Assed Questions. ^_^ (Rumour has it FAQ can also stand for "Frequently Asked Questions". ^_-)

Q: Isn't copying tapes like this kinda illegal?

Actually it's totally illegal! ^_-

Q: Then how do you get away with it?

Copyright enforcement is based on complaints from the copyright holders. So if you have a copyright holder that doesn't really have an issue and they "pretend not to notice" you can get away with it. Since I'm not really detracting from their sales and most Japanese anime companies don't have oversized egos like a North American rock musician they don't complain.

Q: You used to have some stuff that you don't have listed anymore. What happened to it?

Sometimes a series that gets fansubbed later get picked up by a North American company who makes an "approved" English language version. When this happens fansub distros like myself will stop offering the show that was picked up. The following is a list of shows that I used to offer but have since gone commercial. If you are seeking one of these shows go to the web site of the company that picked it up.

Q: What about some stuff that got licensed but I see it now?

Being that I've been doing this since 1997 some series that were previously licensed have either experienced a license lapse or the company that held the license has closed entirely.

Q: What happened to the (fill in favourite language) dub of Sailor Moon that you used to offer?

I have now restored some of what I've removed, some of the others like Swedish, Mandarin, or Russian I have to figure out where the tapes are and verify what I've got. OK, in the case of the Swedish tapes I know where they are, they are just a pain to get to. ^_- If you are wanting one of these languages contact me and I'll move the one you want up the priority list. ^_-

Q: Why did you change you pricing structure?

Instead of the flat rate and multiply system there is now a per order shipping charge as well. This change was made because:

So hopefully the new system will be an effective compromise between getting a little closer to break even* but keeping the price fair for you by putting it on a sliding scale.

*The main impediment to breaking even were equipment repairs and purchases, I was breaking even on each order but not on the operation overall over the past few years. With lower volume that exists now compared to about 10-15 years back I need to get a bit more out of each order to cover the fixed costs.

Q: Is "for profit" or "non-profit"?

Niether! ^_^ Now that you're confused, I'm doing this on a "profit-indifferent" basis! I'm making copies of what I have available to help other fans. I'm not trying to make a profit, but I'm not going out of my way to ensure that I don't come out with a surplus. This is why I identify my sources for those who would rather go directly to them. (Where possible, some people perfer to be anonymous while others have disapeared or lost interest in distributing anime in the 16+ years I've been doing this. ^_-) If I was doing this for a profit I would not be bothering with the links on this site. I decided on a pricing system that's easy to understand and reasonably affordable. Personally I would rather know exactly how much to send than worry if someone is making a buck and change or not. Just a matter of personal opinion. :-)

Q: Should I call the letter I send you a request or an order?

I perfer that you call it a "list of demands". ^_^

There's been a big Political Correctness thing going around saying that when you're getting tapes from annother fan you should call it a "request" instead of an "order" like you would with a company. Personally I don't care what you call it, if asked my preference I'd say the best is to call it a "list of demands"! :-D Thanks to a funny girl in Saskatchewan (Erin Gayle Ottely) for that one. ^_^

NOTE: Other distro's may not find this as funny. ^_- (Glen has a mental picture of irate anime distros planiing to lynch him for starting this "list of demands" thing. ^_-)

Also those of you who round up the amount you send me should refer to the extra money as either a "tip" or more preferably a "bribe" as opposed to a "donation". This is to be taken in the same context as "list of demands". ^_- Not only does this allow me less accountability but also it keeps me from confusing you with supporters of The Church Of Sailor Moon. ^_-

Q: I live in the U.S., how much postage is needed to send a letter to Canada?

I gotta be carefull with this one, it keeps changing every year. ^_-

Since I'm outside the U.S. you'll need to put a Global Forever Stamp on the envelope which is different from the domestic forever stamp.

The USPS also operates an online Rate calculator where you can select letter (amoungst other options) to find the rate or you can ask at your local post office.

Q: Why does it cost more to send mail to Canada?

{BS MODE ON}Because Canada Post delivers all mail by Dog Sled so the extra money is to cover the cost of feeding the dogs who carry the letter for the last 65 miles from the Canada/U.S. border{BS MODE OFF} ^_^

Q: Has anyone every actually asked that question?

No, but I thought my answer would be funny. ^_-

How many people are involved with running

Short answer: 1

Long Answer: There are many people who make this possible and assist in various ways. There are many different fansubbers who have supplied stuff for for me to distribute without which there would be nothing to offer. Then there are ChibiBoi, Dean, Ken, and DK who have helped in designing case inserts and labels for most of the fansubs that I offer. (Especially Dean who is responsible for the bulk of the case and label designs. ^_-) When it comes right down to it though there is only one person who opens the letters, copies the tapes, packes the tapes, ships the tapes, runs the web site, answers the questions, and sets the policies. That would be me (Glen A. Pearce). This is good for you as it eliminates the problem of different people giving different answers and if anything goes wrong there is no guesswork as to who you should blame. ^_-

Q: For the Negavision Sailor Stars tape do you offer the "updated" cases that were once shown on the Negivision web site or the older version shown on your own web site?

I continue to offer the version shown on my page. For reasons that are not completely clear to me Andrew decided upon a different design when he started up his own "in house" distribution. Partly due to different software being used rendering his files incompatible and partly to maintain consistancy I will be staying with the current design. Andrew's cases were the "exclusive" design only available to people who order directly from him (he only shiped to U.S. addresses) while Dean's design which I use is the "public" version which is not only available from me but can be downloaded from my web site and used by any re-distributer.

As a side note Negavision is now disbanded (Andrew dropped out of contact with everyone) so ordering directly from them is no longer possible.


I have discontinued offering tapes in other formats, I'll be NTSC only from here on out. The reasons relate to uncertanty about my converting deck's condition, the fact that I no longer do enough volume to justify spending any money on equipment for something that specialized. Also the last order in PAL (going to Singapore) is on of the big reasons I was non-operational during the mid-2000s. A complex story that I'll eventually explain.

Q: Where do you ship to?

Basiaclly I ship to any country where the general public has access to the internet and a way to send payment to me. The only places I can think of right now that don't meet these requirements are Cuba, North Korea and Iran. (Though I understand that anime is rather unpopular in the middle east anyways. ^_-)

Also note, the one exception for Cuba is U.S. Military personal stationed at Guantanamo Bay, fansub orders from/for APO and FPO addresses are always welcome. :-)

Q: Why don't you want other stuff like tapes sent with my order?

This is because I live in Canada where most packages coming into the country are opened and video tapes especially are! (Customs agents are looking for porn.) When they open these packages they read everything in it (even if it's in a sealed envelope inside the package) which results in them reading your order which I don't want them to see. Letter mail is never opened however which keeps my dealings with you more private.

The reason I don't want customs reading your letters is that they may mistake what I'm doing for a business (as opposed to the really overgrown hobby that it is ^_^) which could lead too all kinds of complications with me having the burden of proving I'm not making a profit. (One reason I decided to go with the "profit indiffernt" philosophy is that that way I don't need to keep that close track of where the money is coming from or going.) If I was required to keep mountains of records this distribution operation would become impractical to operate so I'm asking that everyone co-operate on this. (O.K., in 2012 the records are much smaller than when I originally wrote that but still I want to keep this easy and trouble free. ^_-)

So even if you think you are doing me a favour by sending me something _please_ check with me by E-mail first so I can let you know how to properly mail stuff up here as well as whether or not it's even usefull to me. (I might already have it as I do own a fair bit of anime that isn't listed on my web site. ^_-)

Q: Does that mean it's O.K. if I'm also in Canada?

Yes, as long as it's sent from within Canadian teritory it's O.K. to combine orders with packages.

Q: Why don't you want people in the U.S. sending orders/requests/lists of demands by Priority mail?

The reason for this is the same as the above. Canada Customs feels that anyone in a hurry must be up to something so they also open Priority letters. For this reason I'm saying for you to instead use a regular letter. BTW, Priority often doesn't get here faster anyways as once it crosses the border it may move slower than regular mail, due to it's odd size.

Q: Is it O.K. for Canadian's to use ExpressPost?

Yes, though for the minimal amount of time it will save you compared to a normal letter I don't think it's worth the extra cost. ^_-

Q: How much is Shipping and Handling?

The current shipping charge is stated on my how to order page.

As for "handling" I'm not sure what that is other than a scam for mail order companies to try making their prices look lower than they really are. ^_- Since I'm not a company I don't charge extra for "handling". ^_-

Q: Do you do SASE?

No, if I did it would have to be limited to within Canada because of customs issues. Also even within Canada it doesn't make sense because it would cost you more to buy a tape and ship it 2 ways than to just pay the prices I've set.

The vast majority of people who've asked about this are wanting to use whatever cheap (often used) tapes they have on hand which I won't put in my machines.

Finanly SASE ignores equipment costs so people who pay cash would end up subsidizing SASE people because money from people who make cash orders is what has paid for all the equipment here. That wouldn't be fair to have one group subsidize annother's inefficient methods.

Q: How long will it take to get my tapes?

I don't know. ^_-

Q: More specifically?

Well, I'm faster than Arctic Animation. Excuse the pun but I've been told that their turn around is glacial! ^_^ I'm slower than some fansub places because of my location in Western Canada (though this one isn't a factor if you are also in Western Canada ^_-) and the fact that it's not feasible for me to have a full inventory of tapes recorded in advance on all the possible combonations of tapes I offer. As well I also accept personal checks which adds time for them to clear if you do use one. (But it might save you money in money order fees. ^_-)

There are 3 stages of the process which can each vary a lot making it very difficult to anticipate total around time.

The time it takes the Post Office to get your money to me usually is between 1 and 3 weeks. The time it takes me to process your order once the money arrives depends on the type of payment you send and how busy I am when it arrives. Payment by an American (or other foreign) personal checks will result in a minimum 2 week waiting period before shipping. Payment by a Canadian personal check will involve a minimum 3 bussiness day holding period before shipping. Processing time can vary anywhere between 1 day and 2 months depending on how busy I am and on your payment method.

When I send out a package I will E-mail that day to let you know it's in the mail. Normally it's about 2 weeks to get to you after that, but it can vary depending on how busy the P.O. is as well as how efficient they are in your general area of the country. I've had a package reach Los Angeles in 6 days but I've had them take 6 weeks to parts of New York. (I suspect that in New York they were practicing "First In Last Out" and that package got to that center at the wrong time so it ended up at the back and stayed there until the stuff infront of it was moved.)

Q: Do you do Trades?

If your interested in trading let me know what you want (so I know how many tapes I can pick out) and send me a list of what you have and I'll let you know if we can work something out.

I perfer to trade SVHS but if you have something rare or something I list in my "stuff I want" section I can make an exception to this.

Also I usually only want SP from SP or better sources, again some exceptions may apply depending on what you have.

Also on the topic of trades, I have now brought in a strict rule (effictive July 1, 1999) that unless we negotiate otherwise I will only accept Maxell, FUJI, Memorex and TDK tapes. If you send _any_ other brand of tape (without specifically getting my approval for your particular brand) I reserve the right to send you nothing in return!

Also (effective August 1, 1999) tapes sent to me in trade must _not_ be packed in a felt mailer! Either use a buble mailer or a box with either newspaper or packing foam as packing material. Violation of this rule can also result in you getting nothing in return. (Customs will open it wrong and get those stupid fibers everywhere. -_-)

Finally if you are outside of Canada do not attempt to send a cash order with a tape (or tapes) for trade. If you want to do a cash order at the same time it must be sent separately in an envelope. This is related to customs so it's not a concern if you are inside of Canada.

One final note on trades, I may take a long time to get back to you since it involves some decicion making on my part as well as more E-mailing than a cash order and I type really slow. ^_^

Q: Is there a limit to how many tapes I can get at once?

No! There are no limits, so you can get all you want right away. I take the philosophy for this distro from the movie Ghostbusters:

"No job too big, no fee too big!" ^_^

Q: What is the largest "list of demands" you've ever recieved?

My "title holder" was for 49 tapes. ^_^

Q: Do you ship by UPS?


Q: Why?

Because UPS sucks. ^_-

As for my personal experience check out my UPS Horror Story and you'll see why I don't want to use them.

Q: Are there other people doing this?

Well, at one point there were. (There still are torrent based download sites around.) But I don't actually know if anyone else is still copying VHS/SVHS tapes.

So untill I find annother active VHS fansub distro I'm claiming to be the biggest (VHS) fansub distro in North America! ^_-

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