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(Updated Dec. 13/2017)

This is the web page where I share the desings for the cases and labels I offer on my fansub distribution site. They are made available here both so that people can see the designs I'm using and other distros can make use of them if they have the equipment and software to print them. As well if you wish to customize your own feel free to tweek my designs for your own use.

All case designs will be in Microsoft Publisher format so you'll need Microsoft Publisher to print them. (They will be ZIPPED to conserve space and cut download time.) Depending on when they were made they will be in Publisher 95, Publisher 98, or Publisher 2003 format. (Hopefully a minimum of 10 years backwards compatibility should be adequate. ^_-)

All the labels will be in JPG format so that you can use any label program to print them out. I use Avery Design Pro 5.4 myself, it can be downloaded free from Avery's web site.

For printing the labels on this page if you use Avery Label Pro and an Epson Stylus COLOR 600 set the contrast +25% set to the highest resolution (1440 dpi in this case) leave the other settings alone for best results. For people who use other programs and printers you'll have to figure out the details of optimal printing yourself since I only know what my equipment and software do. ^_-

The labels on this page will be put on those tapes that exactly match what the labels are for, that is tape for tape copies of my master tapes. People who get tapes not included in this page will continue to get handwritten labels.

BTW, 'ChibiBoi' who has resurected the case and label project in 2010 also introduced me to a handy tool for finding out what font was used in an image, whatthefont.com


LD scanning slave and previous web space provider: Doug Price

Sailor Moon and Technogirls label making slave: Ken Hardwick

Newer (2010 - 2013) Sailor Moon label making slave: 'ChibiBoi', founder of Senshi Fansubs

General pupose graphics slave: DK (AKA The Closet Moonie) Why else would he only have initials and no name? ^_-

Non-SM cases and labels by: Dean Kimbrell

IMPORTANT NOTE: Dean is _not_ a distro, instead he is a person who has voluntarily released his case and label designs (which were originally made for his own use) to the public through my web site. So don't ask him for tapes, O.K. ^_-


Due to the fact that I now offer so many different cases this page is now broken into sections by anime series, or in the case of Sailor Moon by season because it's such a long series.

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