My Anime Music Video listings!

Last Updated Dec. 29/2012
The anime music videos listed below must be ordered as packages the way they are listed, no mixing and matching individual videos.

You can of course combine 2 that are listed as half tapes onto a single tape if you wish.

DDR and misc compilation

This counts as a full tape and contains the DDR project (a compilation of music videos phased into each other to go with the DDR mix soundtrack), some music videos and parodies by some of my favourite fan creators such as Doki Doki Productions and Big Big Truck and is ended off with the 20 minute parody "Kimagure Orange Raw".

First the DDR Project:

Song Group or Artist Source of Footage Fan Producer
Afronova Re-venge Perfect Blue Nathan Bezner
The Race Captain Jack Various Kusoyaro Productions
(Hsien Lee)
Dam Dariram Joga Mahoutsukai Tai Genki Genki
(Daniel Markiewics)
Mr. Wonderful Papaya DNA^2 Maboroshi Studio
(Joe Croasdaile)
Operator Papaya Various Doki Doki Productions
(Tim Park)
El Ritmo Tropical Dixie & Gang Various Studio KZ
(Mike Barranti)
In the Navy '99 Captain Jack Martian Successor Nadesco Stephan Dickinson
Do It All Night E-Rotic Jubei-Chan the Ninja Girl Nic Neidenback
Dynamite Rave Naoki FLCL Derek Sherman
Rock Beat Loud Force Dual Nic Neidenback
Gradiuisic Cyber
(AMD G5 Mix)
Big O featuring
DJ Taka
Gasaraki Eric Kobet
Captain Jack Captain Jack Dominion Tank Police Lee Thompson
Boom Boom Dollar King Kong &
D. Jungle Girls
Various Iserjohn Productions
(Jaye Cee)
End of the Century No. 9 Escaflowne Movie Demon Kitty Productions
(Patric Bohnet)
gentle stress Mr Dog featuring
DJ Swan
Those Who Hunt Elves Vlad Pohnert
Jam Jam Reggae
AMD Swing Mix
Rice C featuring
jam master '73
Urusei Yatsura Eric Kobet
Tub Thumping Chumbawumba Various Lee Thomas
Get Up and Dance Freedom Various Dave Peterson
So Many Men Me and My Fushigi Yuugi Nigel O'Rear
Make a Jam! U1 Various Lone Wolf and Cub
(Andrew Day)
It Only Takes a Minute Tavares Can Can Bunny Extra Otaku Video
(Patrick Bohnet & Daric Jackson)
Get Up (Before
the Night is Over)
featuring YaKidK
Various Lee Thompson &
Denise Thompson
Upside Down Coo Coo Ranma 1/2 Vlad Pohnert
Silent Hill Thomas Howard Maison Ikkoku Kusoyaro Productions
Xanadu Olivia Project El-Hazard OAV Brad Demoss
Love Sonic Dream Ojamajo Doremi Genki Genki
Holiday Who's that Girl Various Joey Snaokpants, Esq.
(Ken Nabbe)
Wonderland X-Treme Initial D Nathan Bezner
Oh Nick Please
Not So Quick
E-Rotic Akazukin ChaCha Nathan Bezner
If You Can Say Goodbye Kate Project Kimagure Orange Road Brian Easton
Luv to Me DJ Kazu featuring
tiger Yamato
Street Fighter Alpha Studio KZ
(What a Feeling)
featuring stixman
Trigun Patrick Starling
Vol. 4 Ravers Choice Tenchi Muyo OAV Anthony Bennett
Follow the Sun Triple J Mysterious Cities of Gold Demon Kitty
Turn Me On E-Rotic Tenchi Muyo Fanguad
(Dan Clark)
Butterfly (Upswing Mix) Card Captor Sakura Matt Wagner
Pararola Rebirth 190 Cowboy Bebop Pen Pen Pictures
(Elaine Chen)
La Senorita Captain.T Bubblegum Crisis Baka-Shinji
(Cliff Dixon)
Dead End N&S Various Justin Roby

Next are the Miscelanious music videos:

Video name Song Group or Artist Source of Footage Fan Producer
Odorikuruu Mamboleo Elissa Various Aokakesu
(Jay R. Locke)
Odorikuruu Gone
Horribly Wrong
Down on the Corner Creedance Clarwater
Various Big Big Truck
(Elizabeth Kirkendale)
Failed Experiments
in Video Editing
Various Various Cowboy Bebop Big Big Truck
Man in Black ? ? Cowboy Bebop Big Big Truck
Life's Gonna Suck ? ? various Doki Doki Productions
Right Now Right Now Van Halen various Doki Doki Productions
Senshi On Springer Jerry Springer Lyrics-Al Yankovic
Music-Barenaked Ladies
Sailor Moon Doki Doki Productions
The Ambiguously Gay Duo ? ? Street Fighter Doki Doki Productions
The K Team A-Team theme Mike Post
Pete Carpenter
Bubble Gum Crisis Doki Doki Productions
DDP-Wrong Jingle * ? Crayon Shin-Chan Doki Doki Productions
KDMD ? ? various Doki Doki Productions
Anime Mascot's
Day Off
NA NA various Doki Doki Productions
Kakumei Kard NA NA Utena Doki Doki Productions
1-900-69-UTENA NA NA Utena Doki Doki Productions
Jinnai and the
Bugrom Live
Hubba Hubba
Zoot Zoot
? El Hazard Studio Hybrid

*The jingle that appears in the Crayon ShinChan clip is familiar to many Americans and Canadians but I'm not listing what it is on the page to avoid spoilers. You'll find it funnier if you don't know what to expect. ^_^

The Final item on this tape is a 20 minute parody produced here in Winnipeg by the former President of
WAC Chris Greenaway (with some assistance from myself) "Kimagure Orange Raw". Basically this is the 1st Kimagure Orange Road OAV "I was a Cat; I was a fish" with Chris and me making stupid commentary on the show and some stratigic edits from other places in KOR and certain other shows.

The idea for this parody was concieved one night when we went back to my place after the club meeting (at that time WAC was the University of Winnipeg Anime Club) and with 2 microphones, nearly every VCR I own, and some "piggyback cables" from Zellers where the lowest price is the law (^_^), we ran the raw material off. This was followed by a full year of hard work editing (O.K., actually a year of procrastination followed by 2 nights of editing just days before we were planning to show it ^_-) and it was first shown to the public at WAC's anime room at Keycon 19 (May 2002). Now after annother year of procrastination this video is finally being offered to people outside of Winnipeg. Get your's now before our attrocity is banned. ^_-

Silverwynd Compilation

This counts as a half tape and contains the following Music videos by Silverwynd which I acquired directly in SVHS:
Song Group or Artist Source of Footage
Mokona no Ekaki Uta
(How to Draw Mokona)
MKR "Best Song Book"
MKR (Mokona)
Itsuka Tenshi ni Nareru
(Someday, Become an Angel)
MKR "Best Song Book"
MKR (Umi)
Soyokaze no Sonatine
(Sonatina of the Breeze)
MKR "Best Song Book"
MKR (Fuu)
Shoujo yo, Taishi wo Idake!
(Girls, Be Ambitious!)
MKR "Best Song Book"
MKR (Hikaru)
December Collective Soul MKR
Wild Boys Durran Durran Yo Yo Hakusho
Hey Little Girl Ice House Sailor Moon
Wicked Game Chris Issak DNA2
Alive and Kicking Simple Minds Bastard
Vangelis Will of the Wind Romance of the three Kingdoms
Information on the 4 Japanese songs provided by Mike Marcelais, lyrics can be found at

Anna Exter (The Prof.) Compilation

This counts as a half tape and contains the following Music videos which I acquired from Anna Exter (AKA The Prof.) (Not to be confused with the Evil Prof. ^_-) in VHS made by either her or other people:
Song Group or Artist Source of Footage Fan-producer
The Promise When in Rome Oh My Goddess! Bobby "C-Ko"
Englishman in New York Sting Nighthood The Prof.
I Can't Break Unknown Fatal Fury Unknown
Kiss From A Rose Seal Sailor Moon The Prof.
Don't Talk Just Kiss Right Said Fred Various Kissy Scenes The Prof.
Love To Hate You Erasure Nighthood The Prof.
Shampoo You Shampoo Ramna 1/2 Jer Alford
Total Eclipse Of The Heart N. Freach Various Bobby "C-Ko"
Be Prepared The Lion King BGM Lodoss War Max Exter

HMTV Compilation

This counts as a full tape and contains the following Music videos by HMTV which I acquired directly from them on a VHS tape. The chart was just copied from their page. ^_^ (Link is to last active version in the Internet Archive.)

I should warn you that most of these videos differ from the normal fare on this page in that the they are typically non-shoujo and some contain excessive violence. (Though in the case of "MMM Bop" it was well used. ^_^) The 2 Sailor Moon ones are kind of neat and some like "MMM Bop" and "I Must Increase My Bust" are rather funny. (Both were "award winning" videos at Anime Weekend Atlanta. ^_^) Basically if you are not comfortable with this just get the 2 Sailor Moon music videos only, they will be listed on the main page and can be requested alone. (They are the only 2 that can be requested alone though.)

#Video NameSong TitleSong Artist
1Violence Mix #1New World OrderMinistry
2Dragon Ball ZSpecial MomentsLords of Acid
3Different AnimeWhip ItDevo
4Bouncy MixI Must Increase My BustLords of Acid
5Sailor Moon 200 Part 1Song to the SirenChemical Brothers
6Violence Mix #2GuiltyGravity Kills
7Sailor Moon 200 Part 2The BoxOrbital
8GoldenBoyBusy ChildCrystal Method
9Running ManAtom BombFluke
10Anime CopsBad BoysInner Circle
11Dark AnimeDead CitiesFuture Sound of London
12Pain and Suffering AnimeMMMbopHanson
13Anime NinjasNinja RapVanilla Ice
14Mysterious Anime GirlsMysterious WaysU2
15Kuma no Puu-TaroShock the MonkeyPeter Gabriel
16XThe Bonny SwansLoreena McKennitt
17Violence Mix #3March of the PigsNine Inch Nails
18Rurouni KenshinFuel My FireProdigy
19Anime BitchesSpacey BitchLords of Acid
20EvangelionMotherPink Floyd

Galaxy TV

This counts as a half tape and contains the following Music videos by GalaxyTV which I acquired directly from them in VHS. (I have the only known VHS copy made directly off their SVHS master, the SVHS master went missing and it's unclear if it was stolen or if it was recorded over accidentally.) This is a first effort for them and they may do more in the future, they welcome you comments and suggestions for future projects.

Somewhere between Dec. 14/2000 and July 17/2001 this group had contacted me, supplied me with a tape and their web page link, then their web site disappeared. Yes, all within 7 months or less. Since their wasn't a web crawl of my page between those times I couldn't find the URL during the short time I had the link up and I didn't know anyone was archiving the web yet at that point so I didn't leave it up to get archived or record it anywhere else. (Also the 486 that contained my E-mails with them has died.)

If the original operators of Galaxy TV read this please drop me a line and let me know where you are and what you've been up to and if you have a new web page of some sort. ^_-

Song Group or Artist Source of Footage
Dammit Blink 182 Ranma 1/2
Du Hast Rammstein Ranma 1/2
Temptation The Tea Party Ramna 1/2
I Would Die For You Jann Arden Various
If You Could Only See Tonic Sailor Moon
Barely Breathing Duncan Smith Ranma 1/2
Wicked Econoline Crush Sailor Moon
The Messenger The Tea Party Sailor Moon
This I Promise You N'Sync Various
Permanent Holiday The Suicide Machines Pokemon
Iris Goo Goo Dolls Tenchi Muyo
Return To Innocence Enigma Sailor Moon
Razorblades And Bandits Econoline Crush Various

Stuff from my friend Ken. ^_^

This counts as a half tape and contains the following music videos which I acquired from my freind Ken in VHS. These videos were selected from 2 different tapes that he had, I just picked out the ones I thought were coolest. The video quality will vary from video to video. BTW, if anyone can help me identify any of the animations or songs used in the videos that I didn't list in the charts below drop me an E-mail. The same goes if you know who produced some that I don't know the source of or where the fan-producers web page is if I don't have a link. (For the ones that didn't have credits I had to go on what I recognized or other people at the UofW Anime club recognized. ^_-)

Song Group or Artist Source of Footage Fan-producer
Blinded Me with Science Thomas Dolby Tenchi Muyou
Pretty Sammy
Brian Kaminsky
Ugly Girls Aqua
(Yes, they parodied
their own song! ^_^)
Tenchi Muyou
Yawara (Todoh & Sayaka)
Fushigi Yuugi
Ranma 1/2
Nurse Angel Rirka
Brother Dear Brother
Love Hina
Kodoma No Omocha
Kusoyaro Productions
N/A N/A Various with Kenny thrown in Doki Doki Productions
Slime Creatures from Outer Space Weird Al Yankovic Invid Invasion or Southern Cross?
Dirty Pair
Corn Pone Vids
Bird is the Word Unknown Captain Harlock Corn Pone Vids
Notorious Boyd George? Dirty Pair Unknown
Girls with Guns Unknown Dirty Pair Unknown
Dangerous Roxette Bubble Gum Crisis Unknown
Hair Unknown Dirty Pair
Captain Harlock
Dragon Ball
Uresei Yatsura
City Hunter
Project A-ko
Others (Unknown)
"You Know Who"
Can You Forgive Her Pet Shop Boys 3X3 Eyes Anthony Beard
Trigger Happy Weird Al Yankovic City Hunter
Gunsmith Cats
Micheal Lockwood
Gaywood Simmons
Time In A Bottle Jim Croce El Hazard
Fire Trripper
Time Stranger
Duane Johnson
Black Hole Sun Soundgarden Sailor Moon S (Hotoru) Bob Billings
Bizarre Love Triangle New Order Fushigi Yuugi Eddie Chan
James Kao
I'm Gonna Be
(500 miles)
The Proclaimers Ranma 1/2
(Ryoga & Akane)
Anthony Beard
Ben Childers
Unbelievable EMF Tenchi Muyou Unknown

That's all folks!

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